View Full Version : Song from trailer? Please help..

24-08-03, 21:50
Hey, can someone help me find the name of a song I just saw in a trailer on Yahoo? I just watched the teaser trailer where it shows the tribe at the beginning with a man talking about the cradle of life in the background, and after he says "there lies a power that no man should ever hold" this music kicks in going DUM DUM (sort of guitars). Anyone know what the song is? I don't remember it being in the movie but it seems to be in a lot of trailers.

24-08-03, 22:19
This is the closest i can find, i don't even know if its the right one.


24-08-03, 22:37
I`ve got something too. Soundtrack.net (http://www.Soundtrack.net/trailers/?cid=T&id=1259) that should be all the music featured in the trailer. ....I don`t know which one it is though. Hope that helps.

24-08-03, 22:59
Thanks for the replies!

I'll have to download all the ones on that trailer site thing, thanks for the link http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif