View Full Version : NETWORK FAILURE

tlr online
22-02-06, 10:28
Morning all.

Apologies for the outage this morning. This was a total network failure. Should have an update for you soon.

Sorry again.

22-02-06, 10:32
Thanks for the information Tlr Online, I hope you sort it out soon. :)

Tomb Raider Master
22-02-06, 10:39
That's OK. :wve:

Jacob x5
22-02-06, 11:27
That's quite alright. :p

22-02-06, 11:31
you sent me into madneesss !

nah its ok :)

22-02-06, 11:34
No problem tlr. :wve: I missed it anyway - I must get up later than I thought. :o

22-02-06, 11:38
I missed it too. :D

22-02-06, 11:40
Need to feed the hamsters more.. when they get hungry they stop running on the wheel that keeps the net going ;)

tlr online
22-02-06, 11:42
Feed them!! I'm gonna turn up their voltage pins!! :mis:

22-02-06, 11:42
I noticed it. The site wouldn't load for me. Anyway it's better now.:)

22-02-06, 11:43
then wed have ultra fast forums even for 24k dial up users lol

22-02-06, 11:49
Feed them!! I'm gonna turn up their voltage pins!! :mis:LOL, How many hamsters do you have then Tlr Online. :vlol: