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26-02-06, 23:38
When i heard Tomb Raider Legend was going to be released i was like wow!!! Then i got a bit worried because one of my favourite parts of it was...running around the mansion like a mental asylum patient. bBut i found out today from a lady who works in a games shop that the mansion is actually in the new game!!! I didnt think they would add it as it hasnt been in the previous games and so maybe they just scrapped the idea of it as training on the first level could of been better???!! ( to me it wasnt)

Im hoping the layout is kinda the same but MUCH more added in...plus with the amazing graphics its going to be so amazing!!...i think it will look really good if there is secret passages in the house like in tomb raider 2 and 3.

Unfortunatly the demo for legend isnt going to be released till the end of march...which is AGES AWAY! but i hope that the training level for the demo is bolivia that would be cool. plus once i have the demo its is only 2 weeks until the game is released so 2 LONG WHOLE WEEKS of the demo then The game!!!!

If any of you have anything that you know about the new mansion then please post as i would love to feed of your knowledge of Tomb Raider Legends Croft Manor.


26-02-06, 23:43
There are no pics of the mansion, which sucks! But I guess their keeping it a secret...I can't wait, the mansion is gonna be my favorite part ...which is kinda sad! ^__^

oh and welcome andy!!!

26-02-06, 23:46
actually im really happy its a secret, they have shown alot of TRL and even more to pretty much make sure that you believe it will be the savior to the franchise.

The mansion is something everyone has been dying for so the fact that its a secret is really pleasing and makes the game feel like there are still plenty of secrets and suprises about the game and wont be just everything u seen in pics and such.

27-02-06, 07:03
i have always loved the mansion. I think that they are not releasing pics of it because they know how much we want it and are trying to make us want it more.
The only fear I have, they may not make it as good as the old mansion. When I say this I mean it not by the amount of space but by the amount of detail.

27-02-06, 07:06
Mansion MANSION MANSION!! i sure hope its on there! i cant wait to see it!!!!