View Full Version : I sound so silly saying this!!!!

Baby Adam
01-03-06, 07:18
oringanly stated by stig911-lara must havd plastic surgery every year-my on his chat someone said pixel surgery this was funny to me as ive played every game loads of times :yah:.

i would also lik eto say that new skirt i thinck shes in tokyo the 1 that looks like the cat suit with a skirt. i thinck she was dinning out and she was ambushed and she still had her gums and all her weapons just below her skirt just in case so thats my theory anyone agree:ton:

01-03-06, 07:25
Well, Lara goes into the bar looking for Takamoto, a Yakuzu boss who stole an artefact from a University. Lara is in the bar and she is then ambushed. She changed her clothes slightly so her holsters are visable and her hambag is actually her backpack. Her gear like binoculars and grapple are on her belt as well.

We makes her way up and across the building where she finds a bike. She uses the bike to jump across the Takamotos penthouse. We have had no info regarding what happnes next...