View Full Version : Ryan Cabrera...the next Rod Stewart?

Smith will Suffice
07-03-06, 22:14



seems like someone got their finger stuck in the electrical socket....maybe thats why he wont put them down...


07-03-06, 22:17
WoW he gots big hair!

07-03-06, 22:20
Talk about nicking a kids hair style!

That kid on that love song where he is riding around the world has the same hair :D

Cute ! .. the little boy by the way :ohn:

07-03-06, 22:21
Holy Hyne, what's with the hair? :eek:

07-03-06, 22:30
his hair is ace him and ash are so gud together

Mister Mike
07-03-06, 23:07
lol, he's very girly looking...

Fugitive Lara
07-03-06, 23:10
He's got alot of hair :eek:

He's not best looking of people and the hair certainly doesn't help. His head looks too big for his body. Ugly jacket too...

07-03-06, 23:12
This guys hair really bothers me, it looks like its staring at you, making fun of you, cracking jokes about you...........anything that big has to be alive!

That is the worst hair i have ever seen, and he is dressed like a ****wit!

07-03-06, 23:14
He reminds me of a homless guy who accidently pushed his shopping cart into the red carpet XD

07-03-06, 23:15
Btw, who on Earth is he?

07-03-06, 23:16
Btw, who on Earth is he?

I think he dated miss acid reflex XD

07-03-06, 23:19
He's a nobody singer from America who once dated Ashlee Simpson.

07-03-06, 23:31
He's a nobody singer from America who once dated Ashlee Simpson.

Ashlee simpson= Miss Acid reflex

07-03-06, 23:39
god , he knows that someone created alredy something called scissors??? lol , now that´s a big hair lol ... like croft said that thing must be alive!!!, watch your head everyone rofl

08-03-06, 00:36
He's a good example of how to look like a Hobo....the expensive way.