View Full Version : no holsters?

11-03-06, 15:56
ok so far in the screenies of lara in the evening dress, she has no holsters!!!i mean wen her guns are put away the just float there, nothing is holding them!!!this is in the ps2,xbox,and psp versions. the pc and xbox360 has em.hope cd wood fix this.

11-03-06, 16:01
zOMG In what I've read, it sounds like she's using garters as holsters zOMG.

Also, watch the new gamespot trailers. They show her holster her weapons in the dress.

11-03-06, 17:58
lol practical lara...:D

11-03-06, 18:01
At least the PC(Woo!) and XBox360 have holsters with the dress so far! ;)