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14-03-06, 13:41
Yesterday I looked at flipeffects and discovered, that it is possible to "trigger" a sound effect, if I use flipeffect no. 10 and enter the desired sound effect number in the timer field.

Curious to hear how this worked, I used the list over sound effects (sound.txt) and counted my way to the sound of a landing boulder - no. 123.

I entered this number in a flipeffect to make the impression, that a heavy door somewhere had just shut.

Then I played my game and was startled, when a terribly loud rattling sound poured out of my speakers (just happy I don't use earphones - had stil had a hearing loss, if I had :D).

I could not recognise that sound at all, which lead me to two suspicions:

1. The samples folder does not contain all sounds used in the game (I have not found the slamming sound from the grated, raised doors shutting down again)

and 2. The numbers of the sound effects have no connection to the order the sounds are listed ind sound.txt (very observant, Ms. Holmes :p ).

I think, you can guess my questions:

a) What are the numbers of the sound effects?
b) Where are all the sounds placed?
c) Can I get to hear them?

14-03-06, 14:04
You proberly forgot that the first sound is number 0 :p So the boulder is #122 and not #123 :p

Anyway, no need to count. In WADMerger you can view all the numbers in the sound manager. Number 123 is the LARA_MINI_LOAD sample, used in the grenade_gun animation. I don't know what happens if you want to play a sound that is not assigned to the level, but maybe that causes the terrible noise.

Flipeffect 10 does work however, it was even listed in the officiel level editor manual that came with the editor :p

14-03-06, 14:05
1 You can find out the sound numbers by using Wadmergers sound editor.
(I think they are also listed by number in the Level Editors Effects/Sound menu).
2 The sounds are placed in the 'Sounds/Samples' folder in the LE folder.
3 You can play them using Windows media player, iTunes or any other app which plays sounds.

When sounds are triggered in this way they often sound odd. I do not think they take into account the various settings as described in the sounds.txt file.
Don't forget to 'add' the sound to your wad before triggering.

Jon A
14-03-06, 17:42
The door shutting sound is in there, though I can't remember exactly where. I was playing around with it once. I believe it sounds very different. I think the actual sound sounds like a short pop but the settings in the sounds.txt adjust it so that it sounds right.


Edit: I found the file. It is called dor_thud.wav. Its name in the sounds.txt is Door_gen_thud.

15-03-06, 17:09
Well, I am about to abort my idea of flipeffect-sounds. I tried it in-game several places, and they are:

1. played a lot louder than normally, giving me a near heart attack every time. It is Lara, who is supposed to risk to die, not the player.;)

2. played loop-like every time and as long as Lara stands on the trigger. I tried to use the "one time"-button with no effect.

Somehow a repeated thud or rattle seems inappropriate, when I just want to shut a door once.

And Jon A, you are right. The sounds sound very different from in-game when I hear them via the media player. That makes it very difficult to recognize the correct sound.