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15-03-06, 23:22
Hey all...
I heard on the interview with Adrian Smith, from Core Design, that they were going to make a sequel to AoD. I also heard that that sequel, is LEGEND. How could it be? I tried sayin' this before, but everyone thought I was nuts... :rolleyes: Anyway, I also heard that Last Revelation, Chronicles and AoD were the, "trilogy", that's supposed to be after AoD.
So, basically, all I'm asking is, if there is a trilogy, will it be AoD, Legend and some other game? Or The Last Revelation, Chronicles and AoD??? The only connection I saw between TRLR, TRC, and TRAoD was the Werner was a little snappy, then owed up as he knew he was going to die. What a scum... Anyway, WTF??? I'm confused and I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about :tea: :vlol:
So, yeah, what the heck????
Sam~* LOL

15-03-06, 23:29
AOD was originally intended to be first part of a trilogy, but the idea was dropped after AOD got shredded by critics and fans alike. Legend is NOT a sequel to AOD.

Also, The Last Revelation and Chronicles were stand-alone games. Ending of TLR does set the stage for AOD, though.

15-03-06, 23:46
Alright, kool.
I also remember that Chronicles isn't whats happening now, it's remembering what happened to Lara. You're playing her memory. That's why Egypt is so fresh in Lara's mind. She quit tomb raiding after Set's tomb collasped on her. Then she got accused of Werner's murder... now it's all coming back to me! LOL, yea, I kinda got the impression that they wouldn't make a sequel to AoD... WAHHHHH.... I also would like a movie of AoD, just for me :D. Muah-hah-ha... Fat chance... anyway, yea. I'm sad Werner's dead, he was a good character!

15-03-06, 23:50
You must have heard very old and outdated news. if there is a trilogy, will it be AoD, Legend and some other game?No. No trilogy. Legend is a trilogy-less NEW episode. Or The Last Revelation, Chronicles and AoD??? If you want, see them as such. If not it's ok too.