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16-03-06, 19:46
:yah: :cool: :mis: Just want to wish everyone Happy St Patrick's Day before I head out to the Mean Fiddler for Breakfast and entertainment.

I will have a coffee for everyone (Irish Coffee that is).

I may even have a Jamisons and a Kilkenny or two.

No Green Beer.:jmp:

16-03-06, 19:48
isnt it saturday ... i may be wrong though :p

16-03-06, 19:54
it's tomorrow here. i'm going to wear green and, honestly, i'll prolly be wearing beer if the night goes well. :D

16-03-06, 19:56
It's already the 17th of March here in Australia.

Hey Stereo your supposed to drink the beer not wear it.

16-03-06, 19:58
true story. i need to work on my hand-mouth coordination. heheh.

16-03-06, 20:01
After how many beers is that.

16-03-06, 20:06

16-03-06, 20:14
true story. i need to work on my hand-mouth coordination. heheh.

16-03-06, 21:09
To be sure, to be sure. Have a good one Kate! http://www.emotipad.com/newemoticons/Wave2.gif

16-03-06, 21:12
happy saint patties!!!! tomorrow i am wearing my ireland shirt and i will be decked out in green!!!!!!!

16-03-06, 21:14
http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/feiertage/feiertag-smiley-013.gif Happy St Patrick's Day :wve:

16-03-06, 21:18
How often is this St Patricks Day ? I seem to be seing it alot lol

Anyway Happy St Patricks Day :)

Lara Lover
16-03-06, 22:24
Whoo hooo :tmb:

I live in Ireland and we're going to have a big festival down town.

I'm not going though. Going to stay in and chat here.


16-03-06, 22:30
Even though it's not til tomorrow here...

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! :wve:

16-03-06, 23:01
How often is this St Patricks Day ? I seem to be seing it alot lol

Anyway Happy St Patricks Day :)

17th March. Every year. Special Irish day (and also my brother in laws birthday)

16-03-06, 23:28
I had all of my St. Pats day drinks early this morning. I can't afford a hangover tomorrow while I'm competing on horseback.

I had an "Irish Car Bomb" which is a mix of Jameson, Irish Baileys and Guinness, plus more Bundaberg Rum Draught than I can remember.


Remind me never to drink again! lol

Maureen Errant
17-03-06, 07:20
My local is celebrating St Paddies on Saturday.......................if I'm not here you'll know why..................................

Hoist one for me Kate and I'll think of you tomorrow.:hug:

17-03-06, 09:03
Had a wonderful day (and I'm sober). Only just got home after being at the Mean Fiddler for 12 hours. Started with breakfast at 7.30am. Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Fried Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato, Chippolatas, Black and White Pudding, Soda Bread, Fresh Fruit all washed down with a Kilkenny (Beer) followed by an Irish Coffee. Had a few more Kilkenny's and a couple of Jamisons and Coke.

Entertainment: Town Cryer telling us what was playing where, Irish Band Gael Mor playing all traditional instruments. Irish Dancers. Also had one of the Sydney Radio Stations broadcasting live until 1pm (for the Aussies it was 2GB) 12pm to 4pm George and The Unicorns played (another Irish Band). The the best of the lot McCauley's Raiders. I haven't seen them play for over 20 years. Great group that play Country Rock. The Lead Guitarist is really great and the Rhythm Guitarist has joined the group is from the band of one of the top Country entertainers in the Australia who passed away not that long ago. The Aussies here will know of Slim Dusty who was Australia's answer to the American Country musicians. He was in the business for over 50 years. Another entertainer was a Country Fiddler called Pixie Jenkins. Boy can that man play a Fiddle and he's very funny as well. He played everything from Country, Traditional Irish to Classical. He could make that Fiddle talk. All in all it was one great day.

I thought of everybody and had a drink for everybody.

Kate I will be thinking about you tomorrow, have a great day.

Lonely Istari
17-03-06, 21:03
I loooooove St. Patrick's Day!! Everyone gets to be Irish for one day!!! Even the Chinese lady who owns Dragon Buffet was wearing green! :p




17-03-06, 22:28
Hello Tramp and everyone :hug:

I am glad you have enjoyed it! I had never seen a St Patrick's day before and it was a good spirit! :jmp:


Maureen Errant
17-03-06, 22:33
It's only 3:30 in the afternoon here so I've not gone to the pub just yet.......but when I do I'll think of everyone here:hug:

TR luver7
17-03-06, 23:05
happy St Patricks Day to you too!!!

17-03-06, 23:09
Happy St. Patrick's Day! :wve:

18-03-06, 00:27
sounds like kate had a lot of fun. it's 6:30 pm and i've got a photography gig tonight so i won't actually get a single beer in me until around 11-11:30pm. but i'm going black-n-tans all night! woohoo!

18-03-06, 00:29
Happy St. Patrick's Day! :wve:

18-03-06, 00:30
Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! :wve: :D