View Full Version : Do you think that laras mansions back again?

18-03-06, 16:31
I have seen gameplay videos on this site, and I found out, lara Jumping around on her mansion, but with the same model outfit we first saw lara on this game. All Im saying is do u think that laras mansion is back again, or do u think that this is how the game starts, initially with the mansion where you can have a tutorial?
But, what I think, is, there is a level on laras mansion within other levels, because there is also another gameplay movie where lara is on the forest but not on her mansion , where, there are some words on the corner that instructs what you are supposed to press or do, and i consider it, this is where the game starts, on the forest, not on the mansion and where u get instructions. but do u think the mansion of lara is completely away from the adventure, for example like the old games on tr 123? or do u think its on a level within other levels?

18-03-06, 16:32
Croft Manor is officially back.

It is available from the menu at the start, but more rooms and areas are unlocked as levels in the main game are completed!

Also, it will have changeable outfits.

18-03-06, 16:56
i mean does it has any in game level,like "home sweet home" in tr2?:confused:

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18-03-06, 16:59