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19-03-06, 16:12
who is going to get this game when it comes out, i think it looks really good. the graphics are excellent.:D

19-03-06, 16:13
I wanna get this game. It looks so great

The Butler
19-03-06, 16:14
Me thinks all the Splinter Cell games have been great and may buy a copy and instead of Lara doing all the shooting, beware when The Butler gets his hands on the fire arms in this game :D

19-03-06, 16:21
Yeh, im thinking who is that woman who he is kissing in that trailer, i have played all the splinter cell games. he has never been a pervert lol

19-03-06, 21:41
I'm going to get it! The Spinter Cell games are some of the best games out! Double Agent looks like it will be just as good as any of the other ones.

20-03-06, 13:47
i think it will suck for ps2 and gamecube.

i remember chaos theory aaahh:mad: the graphics is soo different from the xbox and pc versions and the co-op gameplay is soo different in the xbox and pc.

i checked this game for ps2,xbox,gamecube,pc

the thing is ps2 and gamecube are the same but gamecube doesnt have online. the problem is the missions is soo short and some part of the missions has been removed for both single player and co-op. the online for ps2 is the same as pandora with a few new maps. the graphics is total :cen: . co-op missions is the best in xbox its atleast very exiting but ps2 hmm sucks in every mission in co-op for the ps2 there are atleasts 4 guards maximum but in xbox has more guards i dont know how many. there are many more.

i hope they dont do that again for double-agent
becaz i only have the ps2 and the xbox is not mine it is my cousins

20-03-06, 13:51
what the hell?

20-03-06, 15:23
what the hell?
Huh? :confused:

I will deffinately get a copy. I love the Splinter Cell games :)

Melonie Tomb Raider
20-03-06, 15:25
I'm going to preorder it. Looks absolutely phenominal! :cool: I'm majorly obsessed with the SC games. :jmp:

20-03-06, 17:58
Huh? :confused:

I will deffinately get a copy. I love the Splinter Cell games :)

i also love splinter cell games but not on PS2 and GAMECUBE

i only like it on xbox and pc soon xbox 360 and ps3


20-03-06, 18:08

ben croft
20-03-06, 18:33
It's looking good. I want it. :tmb:


20-03-06, 18:54
I'd like to play it but.. is there any story between number 1 and 3 ? because all I've ever played was the numero uno...