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19-03-06, 17:08
Hi all,

I have been looking at sites trying to find out if I can take small glass bottles on the airplane in my hand luggage. I know the usual things that are forbidden (tweezers, scissors etc.). But I don't want to take regular-sized shampoo and conditioner type toiletries so have cleaned out some small empty glass spice jars from my rack :D

I know you can buy travel-sized toiletries but they are over-priced - sometimes more expensive than the full-sized bottles :mad:

Neither do I want to fill my suitcase with such items. I have smart designer hand luggage which was a gift and although it is spacious I don't see the point in taking massive bottles just for 9 days.

Glass could be used as a weapon I conclude. Does anyone know if these bottles will be allowed? Or maybe I need to try and buy some plastic alternatives if I can find any :confused:

Thanks :)

19-03-06, 17:14
i wouldn't know, i've never been on a plane...or even abroad..

19-03-06, 17:15
I'm not sure, really. I guess it depends if you're leaving the country or not (which you are, correct?) Because if you try bringing bottles, food or drinks into Mexico, for instance, they won't let you bring it across the border. So I think you might have to check with the airline or something, because it varies with different airports, I guess.

I don't see why you can't, I mean, it's not like you'd break the bottle and run around killing people.

19-03-06, 17:18
I'm not positive, but pretty sure you can get through with the glass jars. Most things can be used as a weapon, really. Ordinary stuff you keep in your bag/purse. Pens, keys... It's hard to be 100% safe. You could be a martial artist and not need weapons!

19-03-06, 17:19
You put your shampoo in spice bottles? ... make sure you clean them out well :cln:

As for your problem i don't know because ive never been on a plane and dont know anything about these things lol

The Butler
19-03-06, 17:23
Ive been on a plane but with the ways the UK customs are id stick with all plastic bottles cos there more fussy these days than they have ever been but i do agree cos of the scares we had in the past but lil plastic bottles would be ideal for a 9 day trip and i hope you enjoy your journy, wont forget my postcard will you :D

The Butler

19-03-06, 17:25
I would say yes you can.

For the simple reason you can carry on and purchase mid flight, duty free spirits. I'm sure a glass whisky bottle is more dangerous than a small spice bottle :D


Mona Sax
19-03-06, 17:31
I've never had any problems with toiletries, so I think you can.

19-03-06, 18:25
Thanks everyone - yes I did consider the part about the bottles of spirits. I saw them serve a woman with a small wine bottle in Poland on the plane. LOL @ Lavinder I have washed them out well - they are all screw-topped wide-necked bottles that belong to a special rack. Besides don't all shampoos claim to contain herb extracts these days? lol :D

EDIT: The Butler, that reminds me, must take my address book :p