View Full Version : how do i use an avatar??? please help

19-03-06, 18:26
there are no preset avatars an no option to upload my own. what is wrong do you have to have posted so many posts or something??

Lara Lover
19-03-06, 18:27

^^ Do it here.

19-03-06, 18:28
so i have to wait two weeks until i can upload an avatar?


Lara Lover
19-03-06, 18:29
No. Read it carefully.

19-03-06, 18:40
~tombraider~, the thread says that you can change your avatar every two weeks (if you want a new one). It doesn't say that a new member has to wait for two weeks :wve:

19-03-06, 19:46
ELEN: who's in your avatar? :eek: Scratch that... just waw the dedicated thread.