View Full Version : Does anyone here own a designer bag?

19-03-06, 20:16
Hi guys,

I posted in another thread, there's this Louis Vuitton bag that I love.
But it would cost me a lot of money. It retails at $1270. It's a bit steep for me, especially for a bag. I just wanna know what everyone else's opinion is on designer bags/luggage. Are they worth the high prices? Do they last?
Whenever I read a fashion magazine I get the impression that it's something so normal to spend soo much money on. But to me it isn't, so I have my doubts.
That's why I want your opinions on the issue. (BTW I want the bag in a different colour--- more greyish)

19-03-06, 20:23
My philosophy on handbags is simple: if it can carry all the junk I haul around without actaully falling apart it's ok :D

I own two bags - one (relatively new) olive-green canvas bag which I use everyday. The other is smaller brown one with pewter details that I use for 'going out' - which is used about once in a blue moon :rolleyes:

I wouldn't pay anything more than £10 for a bag. They're purely functional. I just don't get why people would spend hundreds (or even thousands) on a handbag??!! :confused:

I like that bag though :). But I would get one that looked the same foir way less :D

19-03-06, 20:27
They say a designer bag lasts a life time. It''d better do at that price! :mad:
OK this was the only pic I could find of it in the colour I want: http://images.eluxury.com/assets_server/product/10550751/zoom/10550751_main.jpg

19-03-06, 21:26
I have a hand luggage thing that originally cost £365 (original label) but in a knock-down sale it was reduced to £30 :p

For any other occasion than jet-setting I can be seen carrying a Tesco carrier bag (the American equivalent to Walmart) or one that reads 'The Heart Foundation charity shop) :D