View Full Version : April Fools Experinces

19-03-06, 20:03
What April Fools Experinces have you had.

At our school last year they got all of our socks off because the convinced everyone that the nurse had to check for verucas. I knew it was a joke so i sat there and didn't do anything. :)

20-03-06, 15:08
i haven't had any bad ones yet, just plastic spiders being put everywhere so i find them....spiders creep me out completely

20-03-06, 15:11
My mother woke me up and told me there were pink flamingo's in the garden. I instantly though she had taken too much of her prozac :D

Jacob x5
20-03-06, 15:49
I always forget to play any tricks on April Fools day. I'm sitting there in an afternoon lesson and suddenly I see, on the board, '1st April' and think 'April F—oh, it's too late...' :p