View Full Version : TOMB RAIDER 1-6 QUIZ

20-03-06, 21:39
Hi Guys. :D

i was wondering if you wanted to do a quiz tommorow as i have a massive games quiz book which contains lots of questions about tomb raider and other games. it would be fun and after a question i will provide the right answer and then list the names of those who got it right. i have to go now which is why ill not start it tonight. what do you guys think?

Ill start on a seperate thread tommorow but if you want to do the quiz just write your name below so i knoe people are interested. :D

20-03-06, 21:42
Already exists one on top of the page.

20-03-06, 21:43
can i not start another of my own??:D

20-03-06, 22:53
It's silly having two threads that are both a TR quiz.