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Melonie Tomb Raider
21-03-06, 05:18
Hi everyone. :wve: I just wanted to know if any of you had to deal with Tornado warnings. I just got back from hiding in my closet with my siblings (parents are away right now). We got a phone call from our neighbors asking us if we've been watching the news, which we haven't since we've been playing video games all day. Anyway, they told us there was a tornado warning, and since I'm not really the worrying type, I finished the call politely then told my brothers, "Our neighbor said something about a tornado warning, but you know how that goes..." Almost immediately after I said that it started to storm like crazy! One of the wildest storms I've seen. Hail hitting the windows, lawn furniture being tossed around, it was intense! The lights started to flicker as well, and naturally I started to worry then. I took a look outside and noticed the pattern of the wind blowing because of the leaves. They kept going in circles! :eek:

Immediately my brothers, aunt (who's 2 years younger than me, like a sis), and I gathered some candles, blankets, and all of our pets (a dog, 2 cats, and a parakeet :p) and headed for our safest area of refuge. The walkin closet. We stayed there for a couple of hours; meanwhile, I called our parents from my cell phone. They kept wanting me to update them every 30 minutes, so I did. Thank God the storm died down and the tornado did not hit us. I must admit, I was pretty scared. I don't scare easily with situations like this though. I'm really happy with how we all reacted though. My aunt started to get scared at first, but she was far from panicking. She just looked at me and said, "I'm scared." That was hard for me to deal with because I felt like I had to be strong for her, so of course I was. After I reassured her, she was fine. All four of us were calm and collected, and we managed to get through this ordeal safely. Just thought I'd share that with you. The warning is over, but I'm going to stay up a couple more hours before I go to bed. I want to make sure. We had some fun though during the end of the warning. We decided to play Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. I won by the way. ;)

Anyway, didn't your country have a tornado warning too Matt (BoyTRaider)?

21-03-06, 05:28
Glad to see all was well in the end!

We had a situation just like that a couple years ago... a tornado was spotted heading directly towards our area! My wife grabbed our cat and we went to the basement. It was a sunny day outside and then all of a sudden hail started hitting the house making a real racket, the sky was dark, and our poor cat was scared to death! He got away and ran upstairs... well, I didn't think twice about it, and I ran to get him--we love him like a child... I found him under the bed hiding but by the time I got to him it was sunny outside again... that fast! Apparently the tornado went by us about 1/2 mile away!!! Too close for comfort but still far enough away that nothing really happened in the way of damage to the house.

21-03-06, 05:32
We are lucky in that regard. We get huge bushfires and lots of floods but no tornadoes (or very rarely) Parts of the country get hurricanes too but they get a fair warning. You stay safe now. http://members.lycos.co.uk/collector2907/New_Folder/New%20Folder/raining2.gif

21-03-06, 05:50
No tornados here, But we are having a blizzard right now, on the first day of spring! Im really mad because im on spring break and its snowing. I hate it :(

21-03-06, 06:23
:yik: That's freaky, Mel! Tornados are very rare around here. I've lived in Toronto all my life and not once have we gotten a tornado warning. I'm happy where I am (minus the cold winters) - no tornados, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no volcanoes, no tsunamis... I'm in the clear here. :D ;)


Off topic. interstellardave, I love your signature quote. :vlol:

Lonely Istari
21-03-06, 06:30
Woah, sounds scary! I'm glad you're ok!! :hug:

I've been through a few storms like that! and scary as they are, i LOVE them!! I guess it's sort of thrilling! Not that I want anyone's house or belongings to get demolished or anything :p I just think natural storms are so exhilirating! I love to sit and listen to/watch a summer thunderstorm!! And dancing in the rain is one of the most fun things ever!!! What's really fun is to go out and play in the rain and then jump in your pool fully clothed!! lol I've done it and it was so fun! (my dad took pictures! lol)

Lonely Istari
21-03-06, 06:32
We decided to play Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. I won by the way. ;)

Awesome!! :tmb:

21-03-06, 12:15
Off topic. interstellardave, I love your signature quote. :vlol:

Thanks! :)

21-03-06, 12:20
Well done for acting sensibly Mel, you did good and also gathering your pets too and instilling calm :tmb:

Glad you are OK! How frightening mother nature can be! :hug:

21-03-06, 12:21
:yik: Scary!! Wow...I'm glad you are all ok!;) Living in the UK means no real danger concerning the weather. Wow, blizzards aswell, I'm going to stop moaning about how cold it is here!:)

Capt. Murphy
21-03-06, 13:13
We had warnings Last week (right?:confused: ) here in Missouri. I had to work that night, Sunday, (at at a hotel) and there were a few guests still up - down in the 'Breakfast Room' watching the local channel for the weather. South of the town I live in is where one of the tornadoes hit. There were other nearby cities that got hit as well. At one point our town came under a Tornado Warning. One guest watching the weather came and told me this... He said it was 5 miles south of where we were and was possibly headed "this way". He suggested I issue warnings to everyone. I did... Well... just to the guests on 2nd floor. I figured anyone on 1st floor would be okay.

I live in a (the politically correct term would be a) "Manufactured Home" :o and if a Tornado hits the area where I live... it might not be a good thing. :rolleyes:

Glad to hear you're Okay Mel. :hug: My mother has been in one before. I've always heard that when the Tornado is getting close it sounds like a train coming. :confused: Sounds kinda scary. :eek: Like when it's on the tracks... And I don't mean "Clickety Clack"... It's a roaring sound! :(

21-03-06, 15:44
That sounds very scary, I'm glad you are all right. It sounds like you handled things really well. I have some relatives in Alabama, so it's really nice to hear that no tornadoes touched the ground. Thankfully we don't get much tornadoes over here.