View Full Version : HOLY Rachel Weisz

Smith will Suffice
21-03-06, 06:06
too bad she wasnt our lara cuz shes smoking hot in her new photoshoot for UK Vogue:


check out the other hot shots here:




My only critique of the pics would be to have her mouth COMPLETELY shut in all of them, as she tends to give off a befuddled and rather slow look when she has it open slightly in each shot.

NONETHELESS, Rachel, you are ONE FINE WOMAN :cln:

21-03-06, 06:14
I cant see the pics :( but I really want to. Is anyone else not seeint the pics or is it just me>

Jacob x5
21-03-06, 06:18
I can see them fine. :wve:

Very nice. :tmb: And you're right about her keeping her mouth shut, Smith. :p

Agent Dee
21-03-06, 09:39
I absolutlely LOVED her in the Mummy movies, mostly 2 cause she had that cool fight in a flashback of her previous life as the pharoh's daugheter fighting with sai dagers with the pharoh's mistress.:D

21-03-06, 09:42
Those pictures are gorgeous!!

21-03-06, 10:59
Amazing shots, thanks for sharing :tmb:

Lara Lover
21-03-06, 11:09
Wow, Great pictures :tmb:

The Butler
21-03-06, 11:43
Think shes such a wonderful actress and i loved her in the mummy movies aswel but my fave film with her in was Enemy at the Gates with Jude Law :jmp:

21-03-06, 11:46
Great photos!:D

21-03-06, 11:48
She's beautiful. :)

Reminds me a bit of Kate Moss! That is a good thing, apart from the drugs!

tlr online
21-03-06, 15:10
She is a regular hottie for sure. :tmb:

21-03-06, 15:57
She's very beautiful!

Lara Lover
21-03-06, 16:00
I watched " About A Boy " yesterday and she was in it. I love her acting. She's very very good.


Laras Backpack
21-03-06, 16:01
I've always loved Rachel Weisz. She's talented and seems very charming and intelligent too. Not to mention beautiful! :D
She was great in The Mummy:

21-03-06, 16:13
she doesnt look like herself :p nice pics tho :tmb:

21-03-06, 16:30
WOW! :yik: Rachel is stunning... so incredibly gorgeous! :tmb: She's a great actress as well. I love her! :D

ben croft
21-03-06, 17:42
Cool. Thanks for the pics. :eek: :tmb: