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Tomb of Legends
21-03-06, 09:23
Does anyone love this game? Its been one of the best series I reckon, so many twists and turns its great!

Also you can join my forums; jakndaxter.proboards102.com

22-03-06, 10:31
I love Jak and Daxter.I'm thrilled to hear that Daxter game will be released on PSP. The game is great,in the first one Jak is like a mime char/shy guy who wouldn't utter a single word. He doesn't speak at all, but in Jak II,after being dose(with what's that black thingy called again?) he can speak.Finally got to listen to his voice..kinda deep voice,heh. I like Jak 3 personally.:cln:

22-03-06, 10:33
heh,ok. I'll check out your forum:D

22-03-06, 13:24
Jak and Daxter was the reason that I bought an PlayStation 2. When I was playing it was almost an erotic experience because of the great graphics and freedom! :p

22-03-06, 13:28
I loved the first game but not the rest... I didn't like any of the changes they made!

22-03-06, 13:37
I think i played it once, many years ago. Didnt really like it that much though.

Melonie Tomb Raider
22-03-06, 21:05
You're talking to one of the biggest Jak and Daxter fan ever. :tmb: I absolutely adore the series, I have every one of the games (except Daxter for the PSP, but I'm working on it). Jak II is my favorite though. :)

22-03-06, 21:43
I love the games, they have a strong adventure in each of them and interesting stories and characters! :)

Camera Obscura
22-03-06, 22:54
I love J & D! I have all games except Daxter but who cares, Jak X is what's been keeping me busy! Can you say destroy 5 cars with 8 missiles! :D:cln:

Tomb of Legends
23-03-06, 08:09
Why dont you lovers (like me) of J&D join the forums eh? Where trying to get it running since there are no J&D forums or very little!

But its your choice, hope you'll join us :)

Melonie Tomb Raider
23-03-06, 08:12
Jak is so awesome on Jak X. He's pretty hot for an alien, or whatever he is. :vlol:

23-03-06, 10:27
I love the Jak and Daxter games. I am praying for next gen PS3 versions :D

23-03-06, 10:55
i loved the first game but then they made all those changes and it turned really dark, but its still a good game

23-03-06, 13:07
Jak is so awesome on Jak X. He's pretty hot for an alien, or whatever he is. :vlol:

To me Jak is kinda like an elf (like Legend of Zelda's Link).
Long ears~:D