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Lara Lover
21-03-06, 09:39
BBC News :

Belfast City Airport is to be renamed in honour of George Best, it has been announced. A ceremony at the east Belfast airport is planned for 22 May, with the new signage being unveiled on what would have been his 60th birthday.
The decision to rename it George Best Airport followed meetings with his father, Dickie, and close relatives.
The Manchester United and Northern Ireland legend died last November after suffering organ failure.
Airport chief executive Brian Ambrose said: "We believe that renaming the airport after George is a fitting and permanent tribute to his footballing brilliance."
A Best family spokesman said they were delighted at the gesture.
"This is a highly visible and lasting memorial to George that we hope will please many people in Northern Ireland," he said.
It is estimated that 2.2 million passengers use the airport each year.
Since his death, there has been a wide-ranging debate on how to commemorate Best in his home city, with proposals considered including a statue of Best outside Belfast City Hall.
Earlier this year, snooker star Alex Higgins launched a campaign to call a referendum to remove the letters "lfa" from Belfast and rename it "Best" city. He has since dropped this plan.
Last week, airline Flybe named one of its aircraft in honour of George Best.
The aircraft has a picture of him in his Manchester United strip and will fly between Belfast and Manchester.
The renaming move follows a similar decision to rename Liverpool Airport after one of the city's most famous sons, John Lennon, in 2002.

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That's really nice. Belfast City Airport is just around the corner from me too. :)