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21-03-06, 10:07
Help please. I'm a huge Tomb Raider fan but for the first time might play on PC rather than TV (have a long commute so can easily do 2 hours per day - fantastic!). But, worried I might lose some of the impact of the game on a small laptop screen. What are you experiences of PC vs TV? Thanks for your help.

Lara Lover
21-03-06, 10:09
TV is good. I've played Chronciles on my 28" in my living room. It's very good. But, PC is good too if you have a flat screen (like I do). It seems more enjoyable to play on PC I think ;)

You will have the same experince either way :tmb:

21-03-06, 10:16
Awwww I wanna play on the TV!!!! ....I only got PC tho :(

21-03-06, 10:40
Since the largest screen at my home is my 19" LCD... :D

Lara Lover
21-03-06, 10:40
I have a 15" PC screen which I think is good to play games on :tmb:

21-03-06, 10:46
I have a 17" PC screen, so thats fun to play games on, not sure about my TV size though, its quite small but i should be getting a bigger one soon.

21-03-06, 12:02
The image quality/resolution on any computer screen is much higher than on the regular TV you are used to.
TV screen is larger, but playing on a console connected to your TV screen is further away, while on a laptop the screen is very close to your eyes.
But a laptop better be a high spec one if you want to play DirectX9 games on it. Generally they are not equipped for serious gaming.

21-03-06, 12:04
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