View Full Version : *rolls eyes* .... Cars, don't you just love them?

21-03-06, 10:58
I am soo mad right now!!!

I sold my old car (where is as is), a 1985 Toyota Corolla Sedan to a man about a month or so ago because it was broken... The Toyota dealership told us that a part of the piston had broken off and had punctured the bore or something alond those lines. They had told us that to fix it, it would cost over $1000!!!!

The guy who jus bought my old car came around just then cuz he found my shoes still in the car.

well anyway u kno how i told u that the toyota people said it was gonna cost me ova $1000 to fix it?

well he's fixed it by himself .


He took a look at the car himself and apparently the bore was in top condition!! So all he had to do was replace the broken piston with a second hand one.

Gee it makes you wonder if there is any one who knows what they're freaking doing!!

I had to take that car to around 4 other places and neither of them knew what was wrong with it.

ARGH I'm soo mad!! Especially since my car I have now is broken now.

...........Cars hate me :'(