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21-03-06, 17:31
Anyone going to see this film. did you like the other scary movie films.

The trailer is very funni. lol. not sure i can provide link. i will post a link if a moderator or administator lets me.

They take the mick out of these horror films:

War of the Worlds
The village
and more.

coming 14th April. (i think):D

21-03-06, 18:21
i am defiantly going to watch it. they are all awesome but in the beggining of the 2nd one, the sick is horrible!

21-03-06, 18:27
They're making a fourth one? Oh Hyne, like the third one wasn't bad enough already :rolleyes:

21-03-06, 18:30
Well, the other films were fairly bad . . . :(

21-03-06, 18:32
Ooooooooo, I'll go and watch it in the easter hols!

21-03-06, 18:47
ugh, i hate these, they are an embaressment to the movies they rip off :rolleyes:

21-03-06, 19:00
Me loves the Tr-Ipod gag :)

21-03-06, 19:18
has a mod or admin allowed you to post the link???????

I MUST see the movie and trailer


21-03-06, 19:21
Ok will a moderator let me post a link to a film website. please!!!! for the scary movie 4 trailer!! :D

Lara Lover
21-03-06, 19:22
14th April :eek:

I gotta see it with my sister :) I love the rest of the Scary Movie collection. I want them on DVD.

21-03-06, 19:25
there should be no probs. its yahoo!! here is the link for the trailer and info regarding scary movie 4!!! tell me what you think of the trailer and whether you will go see the film after watchin it



21-03-06, 19:29

::::love the tripod:::::: LOL!

Tomb Raider Master
21-03-06, 20:59
I have to see it. :)

21-03-06, 21:45
14th April, sounds a little soon

21-03-06, 21:47
the 14th is the release date in the USA and the 13th april is the release date for the UK:D

21-03-06, 21:57
:hea: When are they gonna stop making this crap! WHEN!!!!

22-03-06, 02:40
lol!!:vlol: i love the scary movies!! they're so stupid, they're funny!!:D yeah, i've seen the trailer. its a pun on saw, the village, the grudge and war of the worlds!! go to www.scarymovie.com (http://www.scarymovie.com.:wve). :wve:

22-03-06, 02:41
I really find these movies stupid. :rolleyes:

22-03-06, 02:53
love these movies XD

im gonna go see it ^^

*Throws popcorn onto front row people*

22-03-06, 03:36
lol the war of the worlds part is funny i saw it at the theators... Ipods attack!:D

22-03-06, 06:09
i loved scary movie 3....i can't wait for this one....omg the grudge!!! :tea:

22-03-06, 08:44
I love scary movie 1 and 3. the 2nd one is a bit off.:rolleyes:
I wanna know what happens to Cindy now and Brenda?will she be in it too? She's so funny in the movies.

22-03-06, 08:53
Oh come on people!!! It's a movie, where they are not supposed to say clever things (although some of the scenes were cleverly made). I love the Scary Movies. I'll definitely watch it :tmb:

22-03-06, 12:02
the 14th is the release date in the USA and the 13th april is the release date for the UK:D
What? An American movie is being released in another country before the US? That's odd.......

Jacob x5
22-03-06, 12:23
A movie with three sequels has got to be really really bad. :D

22-03-06, 12:27
u saying die hard 4 will suck? that lord of the rings 4 `wheres my barber?` will not rule the world?