View Full Version : Who uses the internet on their mobiles?

21-03-06, 21:37
Me? Im using it right now

21-03-06, 21:41
Not me :)

21-03-06, 21:58
sometimes :p

21-03-06, 22:04
I tried it out once. But then I stopped because it takes a while for loading.:)

21-03-06, 22:06
no way.too expensive

Real Life Lara
21-03-06, 22:11
Im actually really confused about that... I have a VK-530, it has some internet looking thing, it involves G...something or other. I really dont know how to work it though... o_O It has the ability to type in web addresses etc but whenever it loads them it says the page is too large... so yeah... I dunno... *glares at phone* I dont think I could be bothered enough to use a phone for the internet though, the small screen would annoy me :p

21-03-06, 22:27
i do to look up sport scores when im in lessons etc

21-03-06, 22:30
yea i've used it, only to browse around the network thingo

21-03-06, 23:15
i use my prp to check my email and stuff if i'n outta pocket. my cell provider wants too much money. i can just squat on some wireless signal with my psp do it all for free.

Jacob x5
21-03-06, 23:24
You mean that 'wap' thing? No way. Waste of money. Overall it costs about £3.50 for a ringtone. Really though, that sort of thing should be free. A free Ikea pencil is worth more than a ringtone, and they're free! :p

21-03-06, 23:32
Very occasionally. I find it to slow and expensive. Only for weather and sometimes sport.

21-03-06, 23:35
Don't have a cell phone. OMG parents these days!

22-03-06, 00:18
I do for AIM and MSN. works good. :D

22-03-06, 01:54
no way.too expensive


22-03-06, 06:13
lol. I dont pay for my phone bill :)

I only use it when im SUPER bored t school, or when I couldnt be bothered getting on the computer to check the forums.

and MattTR how did you get MSN on your phone?

Tomb Raider Master
22-03-06, 21:03
Not me. Five minutes costs $1.