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21-03-06, 21:56
Daniel Craig, the controversial new embodiment of super-spy James Bond, will appear in the follow-up to Casino Royale.

Craig has been the target of many bad feelings from Bond fans since he was announced as Pierce Brosnan's successor, being branded too unattractive and uncharismatic to play the coveted role. However, producer Barbara Broccoli clearly has other ideas.

Empire quotes Broccoli as saying: "We are already working on the sequel. We're in the early stages of that. It will be an original story but will continue part of what the story is in Casino Royale."

Source: Digital Spy

22-03-06, 03:37
More crappy blonde Bond.

I'll pass.

Maureen Errant
22-03-06, 05:41
tried to google a decent pic..........one that wasn't 1inch by 1 inch square, and wasn't shot from 100 yds away, and I can't find one. Could someone post a "decent" pic of this guy, so I know what y'all are talking about.:jmp:

22-03-06, 07:41

22-03-06, 07:43
Seems like a blonde Bond is coming, then...Yuck.

tlr online
22-03-06, 07:44
Oh dear. How to kill a franchise. :(

22-03-06, 08:06
what...the.....hell...... that guy is NOT a bond!

22-03-06, 08:07
Bond is all about tall dark and handsome.

Not average height blonde and not that good looking.

Maureen Errant
22-03-06, 08:33
Bond is all about tall dark and handsome.

Not average height blonde and not that good looking.

ditto..............ya forgot the baggies under the eyes croft 28:jmp:
Has he been in any recent movies..............he looks kinda familiar?

22-03-06, 09:06
he looks a bit like Alex West from the TR movie

22-03-06, 09:11
he looks a bit like Alex West from the TR movie

It's because he is :)

22-03-06, 09:37
He's been in a lot of films.


Tomb Raider.

Layer Cake.

Road To Perdition.

To name a few.

22-03-06, 09:41
well he looks like a drug addict in that shot

22-03-06, 10:06
Remember ladies, it's not what you've got, it's what you do with it that counts :mis:

*ahem* yes, well, I'm not in the least bit bothered by the change - surely Bond wishes he could dye his hair blond sometimes? http://www.websmileys.com/sm/happy/325.gif

22-03-06, 10:10
Its like making Lara Croft blonde.

When it comes to iconic characters, you just dont mess with the fro!

22-03-06, 10:12
I stand corrected ;)

22-03-06, 10:15
[Does sexy dance for Greenkey2]

Mona Sax
22-03-06, 10:19
Why are they already planning the next one with Craig? What if Casino Royale is a major flop (which I hope it isn't. I love the Bond series)?

22-03-06, 10:23
Uhm... I think he's kinda cute... http://www.trle-community.net/images/smiles/blush.gif http://www.cheesebuerger.de/images/smilie/liebe/d086.gif
Wonder if he has kept the abs from TR1! http://www.trle-community.net/images/smiles/2thumbsup.gif

I don't have any relationship to the Bond movies after Sean Connery, so I don't really care if he's blonde. But I can understand that some fans aren't happy about the choice.

22-03-06, 10:25
To speak about the hair - they dyed him for the movie, as far as I know.

22-03-06, 13:14
He's always had the blonde hair, they havent died it brown for the film.

22-03-06, 15:26
he got his teeth knocked out in a fight scene and he couldn't drive an aston matin. pathetic. bring back brosnon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D

ben croft
22-03-06, 23:24
I think he's a good actor, hot and sexy. :tmb: