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22-03-06, 08:02
I had a call last night from a certain airport person who wants to know which terminal I am flying from and at which time. :confused:

What a pile of croc! :mad:

I am not famous, I am merely infamous ( :rolleyes: ). Ha ha stupid idiots. Like I want my pic taken. I have my Ben Sherman sunnies at the ready.


tlr online
22-03-06, 08:03
How'd he get your number?

22-03-06, 08:06
From some idiot so called friend Justin hahahaha.

22-03-06, 08:07
huh? I dont get your last post. And I love the new sig. lol!

22-03-06, 08:10
Aww fankoo Scoopy, I am lovin' yours too :D

Melonie Tomb Raider
22-03-06, 08:12
Are you well known or something? Do we have a smalltown celeb on the forums? ;)

22-03-06, 08:15
I am a complete non-entity, believe me. I am not a celebrity nor a film star so don't start sweating it ;)

Melonie Tomb Raider
22-03-06, 21:06
lol ok Sugarpie. :p Just curious since you've had the stalker and all before too. I guess a lot of people just really like you then. :D

22-03-06, 21:20
LMAO my mate is already been practising his 'No photo's' raised hand :vlol:

I am always pictured at the airport for some reason. I reckon this time I am going to flash a boob so keep a beady eye out on all the front page tabloids :D

The Butler
22-03-06, 22:22
Seen as i have seen Sugarpie in the real world lol

i know Sugar is no movie star but what i can say is this incredable caring and thoughtful lady has a heart of an Angel and the looks of a priestess and Sugar thats another 50 quid you owe me now :D, umm we could cut a deal and have a weeks raiding on Legend when it comes out but this time im kicking your ass :p instead of you kicking mine as you did on TR2 :(

P.S i didnt make the phone call either pmsl