View Full Version : Afghan girl, married at 4, finally escapes torture

22-03-06, 08:10
Really sad :( :( :(


22-03-06, 08:28
Jesus, she's only a child!:mad:

22-03-06, 08:52
That's terrible, poor girl... :(
I hope she can find happiness in her life now and that those horrible people get what they deserve!

22-03-06, 09:01
awww sooo sad.

But did you read any of the comments?! Soome americans are so arogant!

22-03-06, 09:26
I nearly cry.Eventhough living life like hell, the girl still have a smile on her pretty face.I can't read the whole story no more.Gosh, is there anything we can do for people like her?:(
That husband of her should be sent to life-time imprisonment in mental hospital or something, that crazy lunatic. :mad:

22-03-06, 09:26
omg poor girl! I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to be treated sooo badly :9

22-03-06, 09:42
This is not the first such story of abuse that I have read, nor sadly will it be the last. Such bravery however, together with a happy outcome is heartwarming. I wish her all the success and peace in the world.

22-03-06, 11:00
I'm glad that she escaped and is recovering...but those *******s who did that to her should be slowly starved to death.

22-03-06, 11:03
Yes,finally she will get a chance to live!My feelings for them are similar to yours,Catlantean,but if they already are vermin,I wouldn't like,by making the same thing they did,also becoming a vermin.

22-03-06, 11:16
Wow that is crazy. She was only a child. Man i can't beleive something was done earlier. I can't beleive her mom just gave her away thats horrible. Im glad she gathered the courage to escape such torture...

Zep Girl
22-03-06, 11:21
That is shocking. Thats everything that wrong with this world. We are so lucky that that will probably never happen to us! :mad: God when we were 4 we were having fun and stuff!! They are sick ****s! Anyone who abuses a child in any way should die a painful slow death

Jacob x5
22-03-06, 12:10
It's not possible to put into words. That is the saddest, most horrifying story that I have ever seen posted on this entire forum.

This is just pure evil.

22-03-06, 12:26
It's really hard to understand how an entire family of people can behave like that! It's hard even to understand them working her so hard at such a young age; but then the wanton torture--and the sickeningly "creative" ways they abused her point to something more... like Jacob says "PURE EVIL". :mad:

Laras Backpack
22-03-06, 13:03
This is just pure evil.
Totally true. Nothing could excuse this kind of behaviour towards anyone, let alone a child. :mad:

22-03-06, 13:10
I find it hard to put into words what I think about the monster who did this to her! :mad:

I just hope she is alright and doesn't have any long term problems dealing with what has happened to her? :(

22-03-06, 15:42
OMG! Poor kid! :( I'm glad she's happy now, though! :)

22-03-06, 16:17
i think i'm gonna throw up.

22-03-06, 16:24
That is so evil, how can people be so cruel :eek:

I just hope that there is no other children in the condition that she was found :(