22-03-06, 08:40
(Pls forgive my poor english)

Migratory birds always travel on a vertical axis meaning from North to South and vice versa, while the bird-flue spreads from East towards West. Therefore the migratory birds are not responsible for this spread.
• While the flue was “traveling” from Asia → Turkey → Greece → Germany → France, birds did not migrate for it’s not their season.
• The virus jumped from one place to another too fast, faster than any animal can actually travel unless humans moved them by air. That leads to the conclusion that the virus already existed for a long time. It was only until recently that there was an onset of the illness due to this year’s cold and rough winter which enfeebled wild birds’ immunate system.
• This bird flue is a mutated form of a relevant harmless fish virus. The mutation is caused by human activity. Chickens are fed with fish flours (made by remnants of fish breeding plantations)
• The same thing happened with the Creutzselfeldt-Jakobs virus. This disease appeared when another virus got mutated in cows, after humans had them fed with remnants of slaughter houses. That means humans forces cows to cannibalism.
• In both cases, the gag was applied on scientists for months. Because if the word that forage are responsible for these diseases, was spread many productive companies would have been seriously damaged. It was enormously cheaper to blame the migratory birds.
• All the above are being methodized to one purpose alone: So that you can eat cheap steaks in restaurants.
• Forage companies are not to blame for they would have the exact percentage of profit whether they would buy with 10 and sell for 11 (gained=1) or buy with 1 and sell for 2 (gained=1)
• On the other hand consumers would see a big difference in prices if for ex. chicken costed 50€ instead of 5€.
• Let’s not forget that mashed animal remnants are by far the cheaper feedstock for forage and cosmetics.
• Do they really think that they can feed caws with caws, fishes with fishes, chickens with chickens and no harm will be done?
• So, let the doctors keep looking for a vaccine, let the authorities keep trashing animals in pits and crematories, let the stock breeder feed the animals with themselves, AND LET’S EVERYBODY KEEP ORDERING CHICKEN AND STEAKS IN REASTAURANTS.