View Full Version : Anyone Heard Get Up Get Off by Prodigy?

23-03-06, 06:40
Its along the same lines as spitfire and i think it would be sooooooo awsome in a Tr legends trailer it even has a kind of indian flavour to the song as well which would really go well with TR :)

23-03-06, 07:27
yeh the song is ace its on the always outnumberd but never outgunned album which is ace.

23-03-06, 07:47
il have to buy the album ive only heard those 2 songs, im really starting to like them more and more :)

23-03-06, 11:31
if ya want i could send u them on msn? my email is lita212@hotmail.com

23-03-06, 15:24
i'll have to download it then :)

23-03-06, 15:26
anyone knows if Spitfire -by prodigy will be included in the TR Legend Sountrack???


23-03-06, 16:40
I love The Prodigy!

Even though I am 37 I say to my father, 'Oh they don't make music like they used to. When I am 80 and dribbling in a tired old armchair in the OAP care home I will be remeniscing about the good old tunes like 'Smack My ***** Up*'' :D

23-03-06, 16:41
rofl :vlol:

23-03-06, 16:47
LOL sugarpie.
I like Spitfire, a great track.