View Full Version : Favourite Celebrity

23-03-06, 11:41
Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone admires a particular celebrity, and for what reasons.

I would have to say Rolf Harris, as he comes across as a very genuine, nice person. OK, his talent sometimes falters (e.g. his presenting ability in Animal Hospital, with awkward changes in tone when linking from one story to the next, or indeed his musical style IMO!) but his heart seems to be in the right place. Over the years, he seems to have done what he enjoyed or felt passionate about, hoping that people would be entertained, without worrying too much about his image.

Who else has respect for a celebrity?

23-03-06, 14:39
i LOVE ROLF HARRIS too! i watched his rolf on art programme over the new year and his painting of the queen was unreal. he is really laid back aswell, and not in your face like some celebritys...he seems to not care about anybody elses opinion about him and is truly dedicated to his work...this is for rolf :hug: