View Full Version : I wish I was a lesbian & Girls who like girls

23-03-06, 20:34
Just two shoujoai-themed AMVs I thought IŽd share with you:

I wish I was a lesbian: [Link removed]

Girls who like girls: [Link removed]

Can anybody tell me how I save the second one to my harddrive?

Not entirely suitable for an all age forum. Topic closed.

Smith will Suffice
23-03-06, 20:35
u cant save videos from youtube to your hardrive

Lara Croft Fan Joe
23-03-06, 21:00
I wish i was a lesbien....:D

23-03-06, 21:03
I am not quite sure this thread is appropriate for TRF. I have not checked the links because it is of no interest to me but I hope the mods will check it and delete it if it is found to be in breach of the T&Cs :)

23-03-06, 21:19
No Sugerpie. I don't think so either