View Full Version : Has anyone here used AQA?

24-03-06, 13:54
Hey guys I've just discovered a brilliant text messaging service called Any Question Answered (AQA). Basically, you text them any question - serious or otherwise - and in a few minutes you get an answer back! The details are at


So I was wondering if any other forum members had asked a question and, if so, what answer did you get back? :)

24-03-06, 14:08
UK only :\

24-03-06, 14:45
Oops..sorry James, you're right. This only covers UK mobile networks i think :o

24-03-06, 15:38
Yeah a few months back in work, for a laugh, sometimes it's quick sometimes the answers are weird, but it costs a £1 a go so the novelty wore off rather quickly :D

It all done by computers, it uses a recognition program to pick out the important bits of your question then searches it database for the best answer. Quite good actually.