View Full Version : Puzzle Time!

24-03-06, 16:21
Follow the instructions carefully. Click on the boy in the lower right corner to proceed to the next window. You'll be amazed... ;)

Click here (http://digicc.com/fido/).

24-03-06, 16:27
Thanks HbB :wve: I'm too full in the tummy to try and figure out how he did it. But its pretty impressive and I'd love to find out :wve:

24-03-06, 16:31
It must have something to do with probability. :wve:

24-03-06, 16:35
Yeah maybe it works like one of those gambling machines. Maybe if I run it enough number of times, it'll give me an idea of the probability but like I said, im too full to try :wve: Tell me if you figure it out.

Lara's Boy
24-03-06, 16:50
That is pretty insane and amusing, thanks for posting, holla!:)