View Full Version : God of War II Trailer

Fugitive Lara
24-03-06, 18:13
Glad to see the best PS2 game of 2005 is getting a sequel :D Can't wait for this :tmb: if its as good as the first then it will be awesome :jmp:
Due out early 2007


24-03-06, 18:18
WOW! Thanks! This will be the LAST GREAT PS2 GAME. I can feel it--God Of War 2 is the PS2's triumphant last hurrah. :D

24-03-06, 20:04
I haven't played the first one, and I'm not sure if I want to.

24-03-06, 20:07
Trust me...you DO want to! :D :tmb:

OMG I have not seen this trailer before! :cln:

24-03-06, 20:10
It looks like a fun game, as far as the gameplay goes, but Iím not to cool with the whole storyline for it.

24-03-06, 20:16
OMG thank you! I just got the new game informer and gow2 is the cover story ive been so excited for since I read the magazine.

ben croft
26-03-06, 01:34
OMG! :eek: Thanks. :eek:


26-03-06, 02:04
i saw my freind play it.... the first one! although i did get sicked out in the second level i think it is... in the so called BED! omg i started laughing when i saw it!