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Lara Coft Baby
25-03-06, 04:18
i didnt see a topic like this if there is one close this one :D

I wanted to know what your favorite tomb raider game is and what you like about it?

Mine is The angel of darkness i like the music of it its really cool i like Lara's look in this game i love there outfits she wears and i like playing Kurtis i dont know why so many people hate him hes a fun charachter and yeah it is Lara Croft tomb raider not Kurtis Trent Tomb raider but i like playing him lol :D his only problem is he swings to much when you make him grab a ledge i like playing it cause its the hardest one for me to play its really chalengeing for me and i like games like that it just really cool its my top favorite tomb raider game ever

25-03-06, 04:21
TR3 was and will remain my favorite TR game (may change once Legend is out, of course :D). It was the first I played, it had amazing and unique levels and characters. It was an all-around good game, I don't know how many times I've replayed it now but I'll probably replay it over and over and over. :tmb:

25-03-06, 04:23
My favorite TR game is either TR 1 or TR 2. I can't really make up my mind which one I like more. I recently played both of them again, but I still can't make up my mind, they are both great games.

25-03-06, 04:27
Legend XD

i already know im gonna like it the most it looks the best and sounds great...

Tomb Raider Master
25-03-06, 09:38
The Last Revelation. :)

25-03-06, 09:41
Tomb Raider 1.

It combines combat and puzzle-solving really well. I love the exploration feel and atmosphere while you're playing the game. Each level is designed beautifully. Music is perfect too, and I love the characters. There's the famous Lara, the evil Natla and her goons Larson and Pierre, etc.

And it's the original too, meaning THIS is the one that started off all Lara's fame and made Tomb Raider one of the most successful video-games series of all time! :D

25-03-06, 10:03
hmmm maybw TR1 or 2 :p

25-03-06, 10:46
TR1. :)

Jacob x5
25-03-06, 11:24
Tomb Raider: Last Revelation (TR4/TR:LR). :wve:

25-03-06, 12:07
Either TRaod or TR2.
I think TR2 is a better game but i havent played all the way through, just the first 2 levels

25-03-06, 12:13
TR1 of course. The original :tmb:

25-03-06, 12:59
Never played TR1 and 2, though I really want to. :( I'm sure they'd be my favourites. Out of the ones I've got, I'd have to say TR3's my fave, followed by TR4. :)

25-03-06, 13:12
TR1 of course. The original :tmb:

Agreed. :)

25-03-06, 13:13
TR2 is my fave :tmb:

25-03-06, 13:14
Currently TR2, as it was the first one I played. TR3 and Revelations are at a tide, and AOD comes close by. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to play TR1 :(

25-03-06, 13:19
For those who haven't played TR1 . . . check eBay!

You don't know what you're missing

25-03-06, 13:47
TR 1! The best game ever! :D
I hope Legend will beat it though! :)

25-03-06, 14:16
you can't beat TR3, it has the biggest variety of levels EVER! TR1 and 2 get really close to it tough...

ben croft
26-03-06, 01:42
- TR2
- TR1 & TR4 & TR3 & TR6
- TR5


26-03-06, 01:51
Last Revelation

26-03-06, 01:56
i loved AoD! the best tr game ever! it was so diferent from the other ones! i think Core and Eidos did a great job on it! Good Job Eidos and Core!:tmb: YAY FOR AoD! but soon yay for TRL!

26-03-06, 02:51
TR2 or The Last Revelation. :wve: