View Full Version : YIKES sharon stone...(pics)

Smith will Suffice
25-03-06, 06:46
guess no one told her what she looked like with GREEN lipstick on....

sweet jesus, i know whats gonna be haunting me in my nightmares tonight...




*i apologize in advance for any retinal damage i've caused for anyone here*

25-03-06, 06:55
She's a gorgeous female, but that coloour doesn't look good on her at all...

She kinda looks sick.

Smith will Suffice
25-03-06, 06:56
sometimes she looks nice for her age, but here....

she looks like an extra for the ice queen from narnia...

25-03-06, 06:57
omg its like a resident evil movie set my eyes! *joke*

It looks like she is wearing honey mustard on her lips XD

25-03-06, 06:58
omg its like a resident evil movie set my eyes! *joke*

It looks like she is wearing honey mustard on her lips XD

Mmmm... Honey Mustard....

Smith will Suffice
25-03-06, 06:59

mmmmm honey mustard....


25-03-06, 07:01
You could put honey mustard on a car bumper, and it would taste good.

25-03-06, 07:06
even that old chick? XD

25-03-06, 07:08
She looks creepy in those photos!Now I won't be able to go to sleep!

25-03-06, 09:04
What exactly is the problem? She looks great, devilish in that first one, beautiful in the second, and amazing in them all. Like she's laughing at some marvelous joke.

I like her choice of an alternate to the usual lipcolours.

25-03-06, 09:06
She looks great.

Its just the EXTREME close up.

Ands her lips are Gold not Green, hello people.

The make isnt very nice, but she still looks good.

25-03-06, 09:07
I find the pics to be simultaneously attractive and repelling, like a rat's head in a A Mars Bar.

25-03-06, 12:15
She is very beautiful. But that shade of lipstick/makeup doesn't really suit her.

25-03-06, 12:22
She's very pretty for a woman of her age, but the gold lipstick doesn't suit her complexion at all. It looks like vomit. :o Apart from that, I think she looks alright. :D

tlr online
25-03-06, 12:23
Sure they haven't been photoshopped?

25-03-06, 12:25
Sure they haven't been photoshopped?
I don't know, they look genuine to me. :confused:

If they are faked, I can't see the point of doing such a thing. 'Let's Photoshop Sharon Stone's lipstick to look golden!' :cln:

25-03-06, 12:29
She is a very beautiful woman, but I agree that the lipstick color doesn't suit her.

25-03-06, 14:45
Sometimes...stars don't really think about what they are doing...but by then, the damage is DONE!


25-03-06, 17:45
They look manipulated to me. And who cares what she looks like?

25-03-06, 18:00
I don't know, but I think the photos have been Photoshopped.

25-03-06, 18:04
Not liking that lip colour at all. Plus doesn't she take care of her skin? I don't think botox will help at all. :p

25-03-06, 18:05
I just worked out what the first pic reminded me of! A much older Kylie Minogue. :vlol:

25-03-06, 18:07
Those photo's are probably manipulated, sharon stone doesnt Look that Bad

25-03-06, 18:15
If the pics are edited, the person has done a great job. In any case, Sharon Stone is a beautiful woman and I'm glad she didn't hide her wrinkles with tones of make up, which is completely fake.

25-03-06, 18:31
Nice photoshoping.. (noticed the rest of the skin hehe..)

Smith will Suffice
25-03-06, 18:33
they are unedited people. trust me.

25-03-06, 18:35
A certain degree of "crow's feet" (those wrinkles on the side of the eyes) can make a woman look more interesting. Although there is a limit :whi: Sharon Stone doesn't look too bad, it's just the lipstick I don't like. And the unruly hair style.

25-03-06, 18:37
She is very beautiful. But that shade of lipstick/makeup doesn't really suit her.

Yeah i agree, what age is she anyway?

25-03-06, 19:32
She aint FUGLY she just is old...and obviously needs a new lesson in makeup...