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tlr online
25-03-06, 12:31
Kember returning to UK amid row

Freed British hostage Norman Kember is returning home - to a row over whether he thanked the soldiers who saved him. Peace campaigner Mr Kember, 74, of Pinner, London, was kidnapped in Iraq last November. He and two Canadian hostages were rescued on Thursday.


WTF?! Is the BBC bored or something? A man who probably thought he was going to die on numerous occasions, held hostage in a war zone, is being chastised by the BBC for not saying thank you to soldiers?


25-03-06, 12:36
The poor bugger probably can't even think at the moment. What a terrible ordeal for a man his age. He would definitely be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the moment. Can't they give him time to recouperate. I am sure he will thank them when he can think straight.

Hi Justin. Haven't seen you for a while. How are you?

25-03-06, 12:38
Well, him saying 'thank you' would have made a nice story on the news. :rolleyes:

It's ridiculous, they should just leave the poor man alone. :(

25-03-06, 12:44
Tradition and overly institutionalised politeness are expected in the UK, to such an extent that the Royal Navy, on all formal occasions, cheers "HOORAY, not "HURRAH". to visiting dignitaries. I'm not kidding. I'm surpised the BBC doesn't "broad -kayste" from "Eh- lex-ahhhn-dah Pay-liss" anymore.

Jacob x5
25-03-06, 14:21
He would have been feeling traumatized, scared, and yes, he would've been glad to be rescued, but this man is a man who thought he was going to die. If I was in his shoes, manners wouldn't be the number one thing on my mind.

The BBC have no heart acting like this. It's selfish. They just want a new story. The story should be that he was rescued, not that he didn't say 'thank you'.

25-03-06, 17:40
Being in a state of shock, as I'm sure he will be, still, saying thank you would be the last thing on his mind.

"Eh- lex-ahhhn-dah Pay-liss"


25-03-06, 18:48

I'll second that!
Why don't the Beeb thank them on his behalf?

25-03-06, 20:04
I'll second that!
Why don't the Beeb thank them on his behalf?

I third that! Appualing behavouir :mad: have you made a complaint Justin?

25-03-06, 20:09
Are they serious?

25-03-06, 21:34
Kember said he would rather not be rescued in the manner he was but he was rescued anyway and he does appreciate that point, the BBC were wrong for focussing on the fact that Norman Kember was devoid of a formal thank you toward those who rescued him.

25-03-06, 21:39
:confused: How would he liked to have been rescued then? By teletubbies?

25-03-06, 21:44
I think...(someone corrent me if I'm wrong)...that because of his religious and moral beliefs he did not want to be taken by force, however that was indeed how it happened.

25-03-06, 21:45
i agree with people who think hes 'stressed' and needs time to recouperate- but imo, after bewing held hostage for 5 or so months, the first thing i would have said would be ' thank you'