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25-03-06, 20:29
OK, I've created six characters for a script:

*Mrs ChocolateHorse
*Dr Jonathan
*Kyle Octopus

The first five to reply can be one of these characters and we'll write a script.
For example, I could do this:

'Benjamin: Mrs ChocolateHorse, are the rumours about you being a loopy chocolate-addicted horse true?'

Whoever chose 'MrsChocolateHorse' could reply with something like this:

'MrsChocolateHorse: No comment!

Since there are so many members on this site, more characters can be added, and some killed off so there aren't too many.

OK, I've decided to be:


Now hurry, and choose your character!

Only five places at the moment, remember! ;)

25-03-06, 20:30
I'll join! :D I'll be Laura, I guess.

25-03-06, 20:32
That seems cool :tmb:
But I guess Dr. Jonathan is a he, then :pi:

25-03-06, 22:21
Oooh! Can I be Mr. Kyle Octopus?

Although I'm off to bed now, so if you really want to get this script going, feel free to appoint my character to someone else or kill it off. ;)
Otherwise--- see you tomorrow.

*Mr. Octopus exits stage left (until tomorrow that is)*

25-03-06, 22:23
chocohorse please

edit- mrs chocolatehorse, and who is my husband. mr jellybean penguin??

26-03-06, 02:43
well that leaves only one, so i'll be honey!!

26-03-06, 02:44
dang just missed!

26-03-06, 09:38
Let's begin:

BENJAMIN: Honey, (:D ) I'm home!

26-03-06, 10:16
OCTOPUS: Honey isn't here. She's in the car. Sitting next to the body of Sandra. We figured it all out, we know you killed her. The cops are on their way. (exciting beginning or what? :eek:)

26-03-06, 10:17
BENJAMIN: Curse you, Octopus!

*leaps out of window and runs through an alley*


26-03-06, 15:08
*ahem--- cue Laura:p ... Laura required on set!:mad: *

27-03-06, 04:41
honey: laura is with me, safe at the moment, from you!! we know you want to kill her too but its too late, the cops are on their way!!

27-03-06, 05:06
Damn! I've missed out. There needs to be another of these, this is great fun.

27-03-06, 07:29
BENAJMIN: Honey, forgive me, please! I - oh no, not the cops!

*climbs up a fire escape*

You won't catch me here! :p