View Full Version : An American Haunting (trailer inside)

Smith will Suffice
25-03-06, 21:35

i forsee MANY people getting scared by this one.

It'll be the next Ring or Grudge scary flick....hopefully better though.

What do you guys think?

(click on the trailer links inside that page to customize ur preference)

i suggest watching the HD one if your PC can handle it.

25-03-06, 21:40
Looks like my type of movies :D

25-03-06, 21:40
Dear LORD! :yik: I'm definitely seeing that.

25-03-06, 21:40
I don't think I'll click the link, thanks. :p I'm a complete wimp when it comes to horror movies, even lame ones. :o

The Butler
25-03-06, 21:41
me thinks its one worth watching aswell, i loved the Ring and the Ring 2 but this is very applealing for all horror fans :cln:

26-03-06, 01:19
It could be scary, but scary movies usually don't scare me.

26-03-06, 01:47
*retro blue and green van drives up to chessy ghost thing*
" Jinkies bad special effects "

this looks funny not scary with that being dragged by her hair XD
Im gonna go see this...

26-03-06, 02:35
Looks creepy.

Me like creepiness.

26-03-06, 03:01
scary! i wanna see!