View Full Version : V for Vendetta

25-03-06, 21:55
Have any of u guys seen this Movie. I wanna see it, it looks really Good, I may next saturday to see it. I love Conpirasy stuff like that and a strong kinda Superhero.

25-03-06, 22:00
i want to see it too, my english teach said it was reall good, and he loved it. he also said it was alot better than the matrix cos it was the producers of that film that made v for vendetta :)

25-03-06, 22:11
I have just watched the trailers to it and it looks amazing. Is it Guy falks or something

25-03-06, 22:11
It looks interesting, I'm definitely gonna go see it :)

25-03-06, 22:25
i saw it last weekend. you guys need to know that, though it's being marketed as an action movie, it isn't. it's a great movie and very subversive. it raises questions and teaches a valuable lesson in today's world - one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

29-03-06, 21:39
Had to revive this thread! Just been to see this movie at an IMAX cinema woooo haaaaa! What a great movie! Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Fry, John Hurt!!!!!!! Great to see John Hurt, what a great actor, wasnt he in 1984? Go see it now!!!!!

29-03-06, 21:42
Yeah, there isn't much action, but that doesn't stop it from being a fantastic movie. I suggest reading the comic also. They're both almost two entirely different adventures for the viewer/reader, but both are fantastic.

29-03-06, 21:43
I thought it looked pretty good. I'm going to see it. :)

29-03-06, 21:43
tlr should see this, if he is into the who totalitarian government stories.