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25-03-06, 22:29
Well, I am not in the habit of cross-posting and nor am I about to start.

However I am not best pleased currently. On a site I do not moderate a valued female member is taking it with both barrels and I have voiced my objections in a most diplomatic fashion.

The folks responsible for this attack are aged 60+ and this makes it even more unforgivable.

If I was moderating that particular site I would have put paid to this nonsense on the grounds that it is most irrelevant and unnecessary. Believe me, there was no undercurrent of sarcasm from said member, she is as innocent as they come. I have squizzed all of her recent posts and she has not warranted such treatment. She is a mature lady in her 40's.

I am not best pleased and I fully intend to vote with my feet if this situation goes unrectified!

Sugs :(

25-03-06, 22:31
you stick up for yourself and the women under 'attack'. older people should know better, and yes, they should be punished on equal terms. have you tried voicing your opinions to a moderator

25-03-06, 22:32
You and her shouldn't stick around if the mods aren't doing anything about it. Places like that only become worse if they have sloppy moderators. Some people eh? >.<

25-03-06, 23:38
Yeah I have posted my objections but it's a case of the old boys sticking together and yet I am not a feminist! I dislike seeing anyone being bullied.

Thanks for the comments - sadly the situation has now gotten even worse. I have been attacked verbally now but I can stand it (I think!!) LOL :D

The Butler
26-03-06, 00:24
Hi Sugarpie

I remember you telling me about this on the phone yestaday and i think its so heartless of these older socalled socity in the ways they are bad mouthing you verbaly as its way out of order and i think you did right in sticking up for yuor dear friend cos the way these pack of dogs surrounded the hound and attacked was descracful and i would of done what you did but you have a very wise ways of putting your points accross but if you have been mouthed off at then i find it descusting when you was just caring for a friend and trying to calm down a certain situation.

So hope all will be ok with your friend aswell and may you keep your heads held high

The Butler {Wayne} :hug:

26-03-06, 00:53
Thanks my darling, I have not been kicked off because a certain mod knows I am in the right! You know how I look out for people without stirring so thank you for the support!

God bless,

Emma Harte xxxx :hug: