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26-03-06, 01:58
who watches it? i do its so hilarios!!!:tea:

26-03-06, 02:00
i do too. it's freakin' sweet.

26-03-06, 02:02
did you see the one where Peter is on the football team, and he gets a touchdown and he so happy he got it and starts singing this song? SHIPOOPY!:D

26-03-06, 02:04
yeah, it goes on for like an hour and then when it's over he calmly says, "all right. i made a touchdown." i was crying!!

shipoopy. awesome.

26-03-06, 02:09
ya lol! oh right its a touchdown lol

26-03-06, 02:17
Yes, I love that show! Stewie rocks! :D

26-03-06, 02:19
i know! i liked the part were he almsot killed his mom! but it was just his luck that death had to break his ankle! lol

26-03-06, 02:50
I watch it, it's awesome.

26-03-06, 02:51
whats your favourite characters people? mines Stewie!

26-03-06, 03:57
i like the old creepy guy with the walker that has a crush on chris. that dude freaks me out!!!

26-03-06, 03:59
yea Stewie rocks :) i wonder if the others can understand what he says though?

i would like to see stewie and bender (from futurama) in Simpsons. that would be a great show :D :jmp:

26-03-06, 04:01
i like the old creepy guy with the walker that has a crush on chris. that dude freaks me out!!!
lol he is creepy

old guy:you like popsicles?

chris: yeah

old guy:then you better come down to my cellar i have a whole freezer of them!

chris: no thanks i gotta go!

old guy: oh common please? mmm popsicles

chris: no i gotta go*rides away*

old guy: get your fat ass back here! lol!!!!!!!

26-03-06, 04:02
Machine: You have 113 new messages
[Phone starts to beep]
Lois Griffin: Oh my!
Old Man: Uh, yeah, I was just wondering, uh... where the newspaper boy was.
Old Man: Haven't seen the newspaper in a couple days. Wonderin' if he ever gonna come back.
Old Man: Guess who? Sorry to leave you so many messages. Just lonely here. Thinkin' about the muscly-armed paperboy. Wishin' he'd come by and bring me some good news.
Old Man: Where are you?
Old Man: Ah, you're starting to **** me off, you little piggly son of a *****. Call me.

26-03-06, 04:10

26-03-06, 04:39
i was just talking about family guy on the o.c.t ......

who likes my avatar :p

26-03-06, 04:55

go stewie
go stewie
go stewie!

SpongeBob Lover
26-03-06, 07:32
i love family guy but my favorite character is Peter :D

26-03-06, 09:42
i love family guy but i like american dad aswell. there shown one after the other in England and i love them both. stewie rocks, but so does the little girl who went ott when taken to a summer holiday camp