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Smith will Suffice
26-03-06, 02:18
FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. - A movie set at the downtown post office turned all too real for a group of high school filmmakers. Members of the high school Spanish club were shooting a movie Thursday night when the police showed up believing a hostage crisis was going on inside the post office.

But apparently, someone saw the teens carrying toy guns into the building on Centre Street, which is the heart of the town's historical district. When they couldn't get an answer to calls placed inside the building, they assumed the worst.

Police cordoned off the block, cleared nearby buildings and surrounded the post office ready for a hostage crisis. When a group of students left the post office, they were ordered to get on the ground, face down.

Postmaster Ron Steedley had given permission for the school group to use the post office after hours to make a movie, "Rolling Thunder." Steedley said he didn't think the student's movie would frighten anyone.

Devon Menendez, the film's director, said his film career is over.
"I'm not accepting any more offers to direct a movie," he said.


26-03-06, 02:24
the film's director, said his film career is over.

Mine would be too after all that! :eek:

26-03-06, 02:25
same ^^^

26-03-06, 02:30
I was just about to post this. That had to be a scary situation for them.