View Full Version : My avatar..... do you like it ?

26-03-06, 08:46

i got myself a new avatar yesterday and was wondering
if you huys liked it as theres a lot of FF fans on the forums ?

26-03-06, 08:48
Looks great David. Saw it forst in one of the new member threads :tmb: where I thought it was kinda offtopic to say 'Hey scion05 :wve: Nice avie' :rolleyes:

I'm thinking of giving FF a try. :wve:

26-03-06, 09:01
It looks great.

How can it not be? It's FF8 related :D

Mister Mike
26-03-06, 09:06
Don't like it, sorry.

26-03-06, 09:20
Don't like it, sorry.

thats ok :) the feeling very mutual :)

26-03-06, 09:23
Awesome! :tmb:

26-03-06, 09:29
It's great. I prefer it to your previous one!

26-03-06, 10:13
Very cool! :D

26-03-06, 10:18
It's great. I prefer it to your previous one!

me too *jiggles old avatars jeelllllies*

26-03-06, 11:09
It's good. But I don't really like FF. You're last one was funny though.:)

26-03-06, 11:10
Anything FF related looks good to me.:tmb:

26-03-06, 11:11
I like it - but I didn't know who she was until someone mentioned Final Fantasy :)

Jacob x5
26-03-06, 11:14
I think it's all right. You could try and put it on a transparent background, although you will have a lot of trouble at the bottom, and it may turn out looking like it's been cut out with a pair of scissors. :p

26-03-06, 11:16
It's pretty good, though I don't know the character. It would look better with a proper background though, instead of just white. :)

Tomb Raider Master
26-03-06, 11:49
It looks nice. :)

26-03-06, 12:34
It looks great, Edea was cool :D Im thinking about a new FF avatar now, ive already had Tifa and now Cloud, who next?

Mister Mike
26-03-06, 12:38
thats ok :) the feeling very mutual :)That's all fine and good... But you see, the difference is, I didn't ask for your opinion of my avatar. So you can just keep it to yourself next time. :) :) :)

26-03-06, 12:45
ff8 :D I love it

26-03-06, 12:59
It looks nice, scion! :tmb:

Real Life Lara
26-03-06, 13:00
:rolleyes: (Yes, Its directed at *you*)

Love your new avatar Scion :wve: I was sure it'd be another Madonna one though :p Wow everyone seems into FF lately... never played it yet, Ill have to eventually.. :whi:

26-03-06, 14:15
I like it! But is that a snail on her head? :confused:

26-03-06, 14:41
kool, nice.

26-03-06, 15:38
Tetsuya Nomura's character designs are nice but I prefer Amano's more conceptual look. I've actually got his art featured in my current avatar. Either way it's nice ;)

Jack Croft
26-03-06, 15:39
I Luv Final Fantasy:D

26-03-06, 15:40
You always have cool avatars Reggie!:tmb:

26-03-06, 15:41
Although there are tons of FF pics I like more, FFVIII is still FFVIII and that's that.

26-03-06, 15:41
Aww thanks Megalith.