View Full Version : Order free your own Godfather visite cards

26-03-06, 16:00

There free so why not? :)

But the site is in dutch so here a translation what to do:

1. Click on ''Kies je kaartje'' right under of your screen.
2. Click on one of the 4 cards you like.
3. Then pick one again wich you like
4. Fill your:
- Name
- Personal Message
- Phonenumber
- E-mail
5. You see a preview, do you like it then click on ''Volgende stap''. If you don't like it and want to change click then on ''Vorige stap''.
6. Then fill your:
- Firstname/second name (if you have one)
- Lastname
- Adress/number of your house
- Postcode/Place were you live
- Country
- E-mail
- Phonenumber
- Choose your eh.. well if you are a boy then click on ''Man'' and if you are a woman click on ''Vrouw''. (Gosh I suck in English :p)
- Then give them your date of birth: day/month/year.
- When you are done click on ''Volgende stap''

Done. :)