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26-03-06, 18:23
What's the best in the Rayman series?



Rayman II: The Great Escape:


Rayman Rush:


Rayman Revolution:


Rayman III: Hoodlum Havoc:


Rayman M:


26-03-06, 18:24
I've only played 2 and 3, but I'd say 2 is the best. :) Hoodlum Havoc was a bit too chaotic and combat-orientated for me, not to mention the endless bosses and dodgy camera. The Great Escape rules. :D

Jack Croft
26-03-06, 18:25
None cause there really hard!

26-03-06, 18:26
None cause there really hard!

OMG!! :vlol: :vlol: you joking?

26-03-06, 18:27
I'm playing Rayman 2 at the moment (I haven't played it in a long time) and it 's bloody brilliant!

26-03-06, 18:28
Rayman 1 is classic, i love the levels where you are in the mountains

Jack Croft
26-03-06, 18:34
they r hard!

26-03-06, 18:35
I've only played 1 and 2.

1 is quite hard, but 2 is fairly easy!

26-03-06, 18:50
On what kind of investigation are you Tomb Raider Lover?

how many of these kind of threads are you gonna make tonight? :p

26-03-06, 18:51
I've only played the first two. I never finished the first one, because I got stuck on tricky bit and I gave up. Liked the second one a lot probably cos it was easier! :D

Night Crawler
26-03-06, 19:01
Rayman 2 and Revolution are basically the same game, Revolution has a few extra features and a proper level-to-level hud though.

I never liked Rayman 1, it's really tricky. Rayman 2 is definatly the best in the series, Rayman 3 is good too, and beautiful, but it focuses more on combat and gets really repetative.

Rayman M isn't very good, it's not a platformer like the others, is more of a racing game, only fun in multiplayer, but even then it's not very good.

26-03-06, 22:16
OMG, Rayman 1 is THE best without a DOUBT! But it's EXTREMELY hard.

Tomb Raider Master
27-03-06, 13:10
I've only played 'Rayman Revolution' and I think that's a very cute game. :tmb: