View Full Version : Can you read in your dreams?

27-03-06, 08:23
I heard that you can't read in your dreams as dreaming is a function of the left side of the brain and reading is function of the right side (or the other way arround :o ).

I distinctly remember reading in one of my dreams, but I may be wrong... Have any of you ever read something in your dreams?

27-03-06, 08:34
i think thats just a myth like that dreams are in black and white, or that u cant "feel" pain.
u cant really "read" in real life either. the brain just recognises combinations of letters that uve learned before. and u still can recognise letters and symbols in a dream. so if u dream that u see a sign, then u can defenetly dream that u recognise the letters on it.
its the same with the pain thing. u cant feel real pain but u can imagine what pain feels like in a situation and therefor dream that ure in pain even though ure not in real life while sleeping. thats what i think about this question at least. proove me wrong if u dont agree :wve:

27-03-06, 19:43

And the weirdest thing is that I always read in other languages than portuguese.One time,i had this sensation I was reading in perfect german,a complete unknown language to me.

But the more excentric thing was the feeling that I not only was reading a *that thing where music notes are* as I had also composed a whole melody.I almost could listen to it,it was really strange!

27-03-06, 19:44
I've dreamt I was reading before. I was reading strange ancient scrolls and things like that, but it was still reading.

27-03-06, 19:45
Im not sure, i hardly ever dream, and when i do i dont usually remember or they involve a zombie outbreak lol.

27-03-06, 19:47
Yes, I have read many times in my dreams, sometimes strange languages, other times notes with directions and such :)

27-03-06, 19:47
Does anybody try to get to sleep, and your just about to get into a deep sleep, when your body just shakes and you feel like you've been on a swing? It's really weird. It's not like someone walking over your grave. It's different.

27-03-06, 20:05
You mean when you get startled awake? Yeah that sometimes happens to me, I'll twitch suddenly and feel like I'd just toppled over backwards onto my bed.

I do think I've read things in my dreams before, but always stuff like signs and notes rather than books or magazines.

27-03-06, 20:07
I've most certainly read in my dreams. Many, many, many times. I'm a big reader in everyday life, so, naturally, my mind incorporates that into my sleep.

27-03-06, 20:08
Many times! :D