View Full Version : Why dive for the ledge?

Some Bloke
02-04-06, 20:00
Right at the start of the Demo, the last part of the FMV sequence, Lara makes a perilous dive for a ledge below. The thing is she could quite easily have jumped for the big open space on the ground instead of hanging on to the ledge. Sure she might have hurt her feet but surely it would be safer than risking diving for a ledge like that? :p

02-04-06, 20:04
yer and i bet she hurt her hands and wrists trying to grab on that ledge

02-04-06, 20:06

02-04-06, 20:07
For show value only :D

02-04-06, 20:09
dont know about others but i think her doing what she does is abit more exciting than just jumping for the ground.

Jumpman Junior
02-04-06, 20:11
Luckily she is only a made up game character ;)
But to answer the question, it was ofcourse to make the scene as dramatic as possible and make Lara look cool and strong at the same time.

02-04-06, 20:12
at first it looks like shes gunna miss the ledge

ben croft
02-04-06, 21:52
Why? Because she can do everything. :D


02-04-06, 21:55
Why? Because she can do everything. :D

Damn straight:tmb:

02-04-06, 22:01
It's just a cool way to dislocate [I have no idea if this is the right word] your shoulder.... :p

02-04-06, 22:09
Lara loves to take risks.

02-04-06, 22:37
she can do it because its not real life...if it was then her arm would have probably come off :tea:

02-04-06, 22:37
I love it when she says Accending! :D:hug:

Mister Mike
02-04-06, 23:20
because it made the sequence cool. :D