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27-05-04, 06:43
Hello Everyone~

I'm new here today and really glad to see you
I hope I can give you many helps,
and get too..

I think TR1 is really great game and other series too..

But I've got some problem with playing TR1
Many times I played TR1 for a few years ago..
At that time I used Windows98 on my system
And all sound effects and background music was completely perfect.
But now I'm trying to play TR1 again using Windows98SE
sound effects are normal, but background music wouldn't show at all..
I wonder what the problem is...
I didn't change my computer system..
Should I setup Windows98 again to listen to Background Music?
Is there any other way to solve this problem?
Please give some many helps wonderful angels!!
Thank You~*

My systems are

OS : Windows98SE
CPU : Pentium III - 500Mhz
RAM : 512MB
Sound Card : Sound Blaster PCI128

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27-05-04, 09:18
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