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03-04-06, 15:37
I am planning to order the Official Guide of the game wich is made by Piggyback. On the Piggyback site I was checking were I could buy it in the Netherlands and the only shop was ''amazon.co.uk''. Right... so I was heading to the site and searching the guides and saw that there was 2 of those. A paperback one and a hardback version. I know the differences between those two but I saw that the hardback has 18 more pages then the paperback, .. so any of you guys know the difference in those 18 extra pages?

Please do NOT use referrer commision links when referencing Amazon! tlr

03-04-06, 15:47
Can't say for sure, but for the extra couple Euros,
Bound, FTW!:D The Amazon.de description sounded
like it had some better/extra info. But you know-
all is soooo secretive these days, hehe!

03-04-06, 15:53
Haha. :p

Im making an account on amazon... but what means ''County'' ?
(No not country :p)

Edit: Found out that it is my ''Provincie''

03-04-06, 15:58
wont the paperback come out a year later than the hard?

03-04-06, 16:03
this one doesnt seem to be available in the US. is there anything in this guide that i couldnt use with my US version of the game?

I just think that the piggy back one is going to make the Prima or Bradygames guides look like childrens books